2013 Autumn Leaves Reunion


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From left:  Skip Crilly (69),  Leslie James (58),  Gordon Lester (1963)      Celia "Topsy" Tischler Black (66),  Henrietta Sailing Willis (56)  
David Nigel (57),  Elena Finizio (daughter of Henrietta),
Penny Peoples (60),  Ben Turnbull (husband of Jaye), 
Jaye Van Wolkenten Turnbull (17) Kay Poliak (Best friend of the Nigels) Rose Nigel (wife of David), Helen Novelli (wife of Jim)

                                    (photo by Ben Turnbull)

                             (all photos below by Leslies James)


One of the reunion activities was an excursion an old style train up the White Mountains.


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Conway Scenic Rail Trip  One of the original engines Penny Peeples & David Nigel


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Rose Nigel & Skip Crilly Kay Poliak (friend of the Nigels) At nnow Line


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Henrietta Sailing Willis
Leslie James and 
Jaye van Wolkenten Turnbull
Rose Nigel and Gordon Lester  


Another activity was visiting the WW2 museum in Wolfeboro, NH.


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Halftrack Leslie James Typical 1940s Kitchen


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Leslie James Tank

Jorma Kaukonen '58,  Rose Nigel 
   Gordon Lester & David Nigel 



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