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         A Brief History of AISAAM

One day in 1981, Alice Green Suhr (67)  called Cho MacArthur Riordan (67) to say hello. After enjoying a talk with her classmate, Cho thought it would be nice to have a  reunion the next year for her class' 15th anniversary. 

Other alums expressed interest in a reunion and so planning expanded to include other classes as well.  That first reunion (which the planners hoped would attract 150 alums and was attended by about 400) is now known as Gala Reunion I and generated very strong enthusiasm for more reunions.

And from this first "reunion committee" AISAAM was born.  Through word of mouth and other forms of publicity, alums throughout the world learned of, and joined, an alumni organization dedicated to keeping the alums in contact with each other and regularly celebrating our special status.  

To maintain contact between the reunions, AISAAM efforts grew to include a newsletter - the Bamboo Bridge - and then this web site.  An annual directory, with some 2000 alums from classes as early as the '40's is testament to the alums' desire to stay together despite all these years.  

Because of AISAAM's efforts, alums who lost touch with each other over the years have been reunited.  Emotional reunions at the Gala Reunions made all the work involved by the committee the only reward they needed.  

In November 2013, a decision was made that many of AISAAM's activities were no longer needed. Read Cho's e-mail to members about  the transition. 

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