The American School - History

American School Basketball  1950-58 
A Personal History by Paul Severien (1958) 

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1957 Basketball Team

Front, L-R: Luis Senn,Karl Klocke, John Harper, Arthur Hudson, Paul Severien, & Horst Wegner.  
Back, L-R: Lucas Adamson, manager, Cary Evans, Earl "Butch" Gaberman, David Kaiser, David Nigel, Enrique Abraham, Bruce Michalec and coach Angel de Leon.



In 1950, the AS basketball team consisted of twelve players, of which ten were in the first and second teams and two were reserve.  This was the standard rule for the number of players.


The first team, consisted of Bob Walser who was captain, then Pat Jones, Henry Papa, Leo Schwaiger, Rod Hall and followed by Mike Jordan, Tulio Vigano, Jaime Farre, John Florida, John Stubblefield, JIm Williams, David Boni, Dick Swanson and Ian Hall.  The coach was Albert von Einsiedel.  This team won the M.A.A.S.S. trophy for the second successive year.  They advanced to the quarterfinals of the National Secondary Championship, but were defeated in the quarterfinals.  Some of the outstanding players I can remember are Bob Walser, Pat Jones, John Stubblefield, Henry Papa and perhaps Leo Schwaiger, although his peak would not be reached until a year later.  Jaime Farre was also a budding star.


In 1951, the mainstays were Leo Schwaiger, Jaime Farre, Mike Jordan, John Stubblefield, Henry Papa, Ian Hall, Bill Warfel and Manny Smith.  This team won the M.A.A.S.S. title again and went on to the semi-finals of the Nationals.  Again, coached by Albert von Einsiedel, this team went on to narrowly miss the finals of the NSC.


The 1952 team, led by Jaime Farre and Cesar Balmaceda, Leigh Umber and Francis Florence was a good team.  However, they did not reach the finals of the league, taking third place and failed to go on to the Nationals.


The 1953 team was small compared to the other years.  Consisting of Cesar Balmaceda, Francis Florence, Roger Davis, Carlos Garriz, Ed Lessard and Max Oro, the Indians did not place in the tournament.  Francis Florence was outstanding, but a team cannot rely on one or two men.


1954 saw a similar team as 1953 with Francis Florence leading the scoring and Cesar Balmaceda taking center position.  Bert Shen was an outstanding scorer and Jim Huffman contributing points.  Others were John Hicks, George Severien,Ernesto Montemayor, Oscar Guido and Chiqui Guerrero.  Coached by Albert Einsiedel, this team did not win the M.A.A.S.S. title.


In the following year, 1955, the team won the league championship, but did not place in the National Secondary titles.  Again led by Florence and Bert Shen, and aided by Alex and John Harper, Luis Senn, Niki Perepletschikoff, Chiqui Guerrero, Doug Harrow, Carlos Garriz and Ernesto Montemayor, Karl Klocke and Paul Severien, the team was awarded a silver plated trophy donated and presented by Don Manolo Elizalde, our informal patron.  Coach Angel de Leon was beginning to form a new formidable team.


By 1956, Coach de Leon had several experienced players.  John Harper took over the captainship and Niki Perepletchikoff, Fernando Guerrero, Art Hudson(new), Karl Klocke, Doug Harrow, Luis Senn, Paul Severien, Horst Wegner, Tom Moore, Frank  Burgess,Erwin Ackerman, Bruce Michalec and Bob Davis made up the team.  However, the team was beaten by Rizal Central College and failed to win the M.A.A.S.S. league championship playoff.  Nevertheless, coach Angel de Leon had finally molded the players into a cohesive team.


By 1957, the team had retained some of the more experienced players and acquired new recruits.  The first team consisted of Luis Senn, Karl Klocke, John Harper(Captain for the second year in a row), Art Hudson, Paul Severien, Horst Wegner and Bruce Michalec.  Newcomers to join the team were:Butch Gaberman, Dave Kaiser, Enrique Abraham, David Nigel and Cary Evans. This team was going to prove the best ever in the history of the American School by winning the National Secondary Championship.  This made us the best high school team in the Philippines!  Led by John Harper and high scorers Luis Senn and Paul Severien, and backed by rebounding center and guard, Art Hudson and Karl Klocke, respectively, who also scored high average points, the team was unbeatable.  Backed by the second team, there was no stopping the AS Indians.


The 1958 team, although consisting of several four year veterans, did not perform as expected.  Although they won the M.A.A.S.S. tournament, they did not go on to win the National Secondary Championships.  Led by Captain Luis Senn and Co-captain Karl Klocke, and backed by Paul Severien, Horst Wegner, Butch Gaberman, and Bruce Michalec, the first team did well until the finals of the Nationals, losing to Mapua in the final round.  Rick Budd, Dave Kaiser, John Belden, Bill Burgess and Danny Marquez made up the second team.  The loss of John Harper who had graduated the previous year could have been a factor, although this team did relatively well and was considered to be one of the best teams in the Philippines that year.


In the eight years that the AS basketball team developed, it reached its pinnacle in its seventh year and then gradually declined.  This was probably due to inexperience in the ensuing years.  The four year veterans had left and there were no new outstanding players.


Without the inspiration of our cheerleaders, we may not have won so many trophies.


                        When the Great Scorer writes down your name,

                        It matters not whether you won or lost,

                        but how you played the game


by Paul Severien (1958)