President's E-mail
to members on
AISAAM's Transition

Dear Alums,

Iím writing today to inform you of some major changes at AISAAM, the American International School Alumni Association.

Over the past 30 years, AISAAM has produced, for you, seven large all-class reunions, each attended by hundreds of you. Unfortunately, the last one of these gala event was over 10 years ago. It seems we have become a victim of our own success, as many smaller, class or decade specific reunions have occurred making our large bashes superfluous.

During that same time span, our little band of dedicated alumni, the AISAAM Committee, not only made these reunions happen, they also produced scores of informative and entertaining newsletters for our members and an annual alumni directory as well. These issues of The Bamboo Bridge contained news or reunions past and future and informative and entertaining contributions from other alums. In recent years these contributions have slowed to less than a trickle.  No reunions and no contributions = no newsletter.

For the above reasons we are essentially curtailing most of our previous functions. We will no longer be charging or accepting dues or donations. Thank you all for both.

There will not be anymore newsletters, but , for the time being, we will continue to annually e-mail you a PDF of the directory.  We will try to update it as best we can, but the accuracy of the alumni directory will depend on your input. to keep us up to date on changes and errors. You can continue to e-mail contact information to   

Steve Fellerman '70 has graciously offered to keep the web site,, going.  He is always interested in alumni news. You can contact him through the AISAAM site.

Finally, I want to thank all of our members, past and present, for your support. Your encouragement and generosity have made our work a labor of love. To those of you who have branched off to host your own reunions, I applaud you and wish you continued success with future reunions.

Lastly, although I have been at the top of the masthead all these year, none of this would have been more than an idle day dream were it not for the rest of the AISAAM committee. This group made my job so enjoyable and easy, so easy, that I stayed on far too long. To all the AISAAM committee members past and present, thank you so much for your dedication, love and support. For me that feeling is mutual.

I hope to see many of you at future reunions where I can be just a guest.

Cho Riordan, President

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