Gala Event VI:
Riot at the Hyatt

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July 30-31, 1999
Hyatt Hotel
San Jose, CA

San Jose Hyatt Garden

About 500 alums, their spouses and other guests converged on the Hyatt from throughout the US and the world for the sixth AISAAM reunion.  Since this was the last reunion of the decade, century and millenium, it generated a special excitement.  One alum even trekked in from Mongolia!

For the first time, a delegation of ISM representatives attended, including Trustee Dito Borromeo, Superintendent Trudy Thomson, HS Principal Jeff Hammet and HS Vice Princpal Dennis Faustino.  The ISM delegation met with  the AISAAM Committee Friday morning, advised that ISM recognized AISAAM as the AS/IS alumni organization and proposed establishing a working relationship between  ISM and AISAAM.  The AISAAM Committee decided that since it was unclear what a relationship would involve, it preferred to establish lines of communication which could evolve into a relationship after evaluating joint projects.

Friday, the pool was the center of activity.  Chismis and Kawayan reviews were intermixed with the boisterous reunions of alums who had not seen each other for years.

One AS "oldtimer" remarked that no matter how long he may be away from the alums, he always feels "home" when he is around them again.  Undoubtedly, this sentiment is shared by many alums, whether or not they are "oldtimers." 

Late Friday afternoon, alums enjoyed a poolside BBQ and of course San Miguel was available.  After dinner, a DJ provided music for outside dancing into the late evenng. 

Alums could also view "Manila Memories", a video produced by Jeff Phillips (74) which included current scenes of the Bel Air campus.  The video was well received and was a near sellout.  

A video produced by ISM was also screened which included a tour of the Donada campus featuring Jack Rodriguez (58). Tours of  the Bel-Air campus were also provided by Vicky Sycip (68) and Manuel Alberto (84).  Phil Adamson (74) provided a tour of Roxas sights.  Kawayan senior formals from the 40's to the '90's, and favorite faculty, added to the nostalgia. 

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, one of those "reunion stories" which will go into reunion oral history was born - the "hot tub party." 

Saturday offered alums various choices. Although there were many area attractions, such as Santa Cruz beach and its boardwalk of rides or the Monterey Peninsula's scenic panoramas, more catching up and "remember when" stories by the Hyatt pool or in rooms were not overlooked. 

Some classes had organized special mini-reunions for various anniversaries.  These included the Classes of 49, 59, 67, 79, and 89 and the "Grand Classes of the Fifties" gathering for breakfast, brunch or lunch and other activities.  The class of 74 enjoyed a very special 25 year "shindig" reunion hosted by Terry Euyang and attended by some 80 alums, mostly from the class of 74 <g>).

Saturday evening was the formal dinner, which included an option for a Filipino entree.   And of course more San Miguel beer.  After dinner there was dancing to live music.

Sunday, the Hyatt restaurant was packed for breakfast and scanning the room took on a special importance since it may be the last chance to see someone before departing. The restaurant, pool, and check-in area were all the scenes of warm good-byes and promises to stay in touch until the next reunion.

In the following weeks, AISAAM received a number of letters from alums.  Here are some excerpts:

"This was my very first reunion and it was a special time for me to see my old classmates and friends.  It was especially nice to make new friends." - Richard Lange (78) 

"It took forty years to finally participate and I had one SPLENDID and UNFORGETTABLE time. ...a Gala Event is like being in a time warp..."
- Jim Castelyn (59) 

"...thank you for such a great reunion. It was my first one, but not my last." - Linda Brown Koenigsberg (72)


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