Gala Event I

Gala Event I

May 15, 1982

AMFAC Hotel, Burlingame, CA



The 1982 Gala Event held in Burlingame is part of ASAAM/AISAAM history. The party's over and only the memories linger on. Let us, for posterity's sake, note some of the occurrences of this special night, the very first alumni association sponsored reunion. 

If you believe that bigger is better, then this Reunion had to be the best. Let the record show: 

FACT: More than six decades of American School alumni were represented with attendees from the classes of the thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties. 

FACT: Reunion attendance figures neared the 600 mark. 

FACT: All in all, it was a truly OVERWHELMING experience. 


Special recognition to Brad and Dein Nuber (class of 1965) for their wonderful film "The Way It Was". The forty-minute film, put together especially for the reunion, was shown to standing-room-only crowds throughout the night. The movie, with footage from the sixties, compared the.I./American School then, to the P.I./International School now.  


san migTo San Miguel Breweries who, in the spirit of' the festivities, not only had their heart in the right place, but their beer too! A truckload of San Miguel donated to the cause! A salute to the efforts of Javier San Juan and Fred Knyff (class of ’68) who were able to put this all together. 

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